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As a leading equine arena, we have access to the latest equine industry information and events, and we love keeping our guests up-to-date. We report on arena equestrian events as well as other popular events in the equine industry and additional information that we think you, our guests and future guests, will appreciate. Read and enjoy!

Rlargest indoor arena

WEC Expands, Becoming the Largest Indoor Arena in the U.S.

WILMINGTON, OHIO, AUGUST 18, 2015 – World Equestrian Center (WEC) recently completed a series of expansions and additions, making the Wilmington, Ohio facility the largest indoor arena in the United States. WEC assistant manager Dawn Martin said the expansion is a prelude to even further growth and an exciting future. “There’s no other place in the world like…

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car shows

WEC Hosts Cruise-In Car Shows

The roaring black-and-white images of unseemly automotive contraptions tear as some unworldly wildfire across the flickering screens of ancient cinematic shorts. The moving marvels, showcasing strange excitement from the human passengers, set a piece of Americana on display. This was becoming a love affair of sorts; this was man and machine, ripping along the landscape…

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WEC Sponsored US Pony Finals Concludes

WEC-Sponsored US Pony Finals Concludes

The weeklong US Pony Finals – one of the premier events in the equine industry – concluded Aug. 9 at the Kentucky Horse Park. World Equestrian Center (WEC), the largest indoor equine arena in the United States, was one of the sponsors of the finals. The United States Equestrian Federation hosts the 56-year-old finals that…

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us pony finals

Things You Need to Know About the US Pony Finals

The United States Equestrian Federation, the national governing board of the equestrian board, is hosting the 2015 US Pony Finals Aug. 3-9 at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. World Equestrian Center (WEC), the nation’s largest indoor equine facility, is one of the sponsors of the event. The pony finals is considered the premier event…

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us pony finals sponsor

WEC to Sponsor US Pony Finals

What is it that draws people to the pony? How does that beautiful bond form between the Equus ferus caballus and the Homo sapien? One: a small horse generally with thicker manes, shorter legs, wider barrels and thicker necks; the other: a bipedal mammal whose name in Latin means “man who knows.” Perhaps it has…

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exercise a horse

What Are the Best Ways to Exercise a Horse During a Show?

It’s a strong, agile, noble creature – and it follows you with gentility. The horse exudes an eerie trust for its human companion. This is a little understood relationship, one of mutual respect, of honor and of dignity. The horse. The human. It is living wonder on display. And you. You are the horse’s trainer…

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