WEC-Sponsored US Pony Finals Concludes

17 Aug 15 | Equestrian News | SHARE

The weeklong US Pony Finals – one of the premier events in the equine industry – concluded Aug. 9 at the Kentucky Horse Park. World Equestrian Center (WEC), the largest indoor equine arena in the United States, was one of the sponsors of the finals. The United States Equestrian Federation hosts the 56-year-old finals that began as a challenge from the British National Pony Society. […]

Things You Need to Know About the US Pony Finals

03 Aug 15 | Wilmington, OH | SHARE

The United States Equestrian Federation, the national governing board of the equestrian board, is hosting the 2015 US Pony Finals Aug. 3-9 at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. World Equestrian Center (WEC), the nation’s largest indoor equine facility, is one of the sponsors of the event. The pony finals is considered the premier event for riders and trainers in the United States. Here are […]

WEC to Sponsor US Pony Finals

31 Jul 15 | Equestrian News | SHARE

What is it that draws people to the pony? How does that beautiful bond form between the Equus ferus caballus and the Homo sapien? One: a small horse generally with thicker manes, shorter legs, wider barrels and thicker necks; the other: a bipedal mammal whose name in Latin means “man who knows.” Perhaps it has instinctual origins – reaching back thousands of years when both […]

What Are the Best Ways to Exercise a Horse During a Show?

28 Jul 15 | Wilmington, OH | SHARE

It’s a strong, agile, noble creature – and it follows you with gentility. The horse exudes an eerie trust for its human companion. This is a little understood relationship, one of mutual respect, of honor and of dignity. The horse. The human. It is living wonder on display. And you. You are the horse’s trainer and owner; you are the one who is presenting this […]

Read About the History and Some Amazing Facts about Horses

24 Jul 15 | Wilmington, OH | SHARE

The vision is surreal, stark and raging – an experience that grips and shakes the human spirit. It is an image of four horses, white, red, black and pale. The horses of the Apocalypse carry riders – angelic, heavenly, horrific – symbolizing conquest, war, famine and death. Even in eternal realms, the equine – the regal, galloping Equus ferus caballus – rides supreme across the […]

How 4-H Equestrian Competitions Help Kids

14 Jul 15 | Wilmington, OH | SHARE

It is the tender spirit of a young child – trying to decide which way to go, where to land in life, desperately seeking some moral footing on so many dark and shaky foundations. Left on their own without firm bearing, too many young hearts are taken astray, discovering all too late only the tragic side of life. Finding an anchor – a positive connection […]

Workers Prepare WEC For Summer Season

08 Jul 15 | Facilities | SHARE

It’s the gentle wind; it’s the majestic trotting of the 1,000-pound Equus ferus caballus; it’s the thumping, breathless sound of nature expressing itself on one busy mid afternoon. All is quiet and lovely, and all is raging and rowdy. One and the same. It is the uncommon horse show – in the nation’s largest indoor equine arena. We are in World Equestrian Center (WEC), in […]

Come See the Newly Renovated WEC

16 Apr 15 | Facilities | SHARE

The public is invited to view the new World Equestrian Center (WEC) renovations at our Open House this Sunday, April 19  from 12 noon to 4 pm during the Country Heir Winter Series Hunter/Jumper show. WEC has been undergoing extensive renovations over the past year including new indoor arenas, new footings, the addition of cottages, an Aveda nail and pedicure spa, renovated restaurant and more. Come out […]

World Equestrian Center Is Expanding

02 Jul 14 | Facilities | SHARE

World Equestrian Center Expands World Class Facility World Equestrian Center (WEC), central Ohio’s premiere full-service show facility, will be making improvements to its facilities over the next several months in preparation for the 2015 show season. In addition to our existing indoor and outdoor arenas, we will be adding a 625’x130’ indoor arena and expanding the existing indoor arena to 245’x110’ . This will provide a […]

New Equine Arena Sound System at WEC

04 Nov 13 | Facilities | SHARE

We are proud to announce that we have recently upgraded the arena sound system here at World Equestrian Center (WEC)! The new equine arena sound system features: -A new amp -A new mixer -New speakers The new sound system can be used in both the barn and arena areas. Separate announcements can be made in each venue — perfect for if you have multiple events […]