Recent News and Equestrian Events

As a leading equine arena, we have access to the latest equine industry information and events, and we love keeping our guests up-to-date. We report on arena equestrian events as well as other popular events in the equine industry and additional information that we think you, our guests and future guests, will appreciate. Read and enjoy!

climate-controlled equine facility

Enjoy Equestrian Events More With Proper-Fitting Tack

The saddle and bridle are the most important pieces of equipment for both horse and rider. Without a properly fitting saddle and bridle, equestrian events become a burden. The right tack makes the difference between recreation and frustration. For the rider, a properly fitting seat should allow the width of four fingers from your bottom…

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climate-controlled equine arena

Congratulations, US Dressage Finals Champions

The Third Annual US Dressage Finals were held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington this past weekend and drew talent from around the country. Almost 400 competitors from 36 states descended on the horse park for their shot at a championship. The head-to-head competition included adult amateur and open riders from training level to…

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horse shows

Horse Shows are Serious Business

Nearly three million horses compete in shows across the country, pumping billions of dollars into local economies. The latest figures available from the American Horse Council estimate that horse shows account for an annual, direct economic impact of $10.8 billion and an overall impact of $28.7 billion. That’s more than horse racing and other horse…

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The Art and Science of Arena Footing

If there is one thing equestrians can agree upon is their love/hate relationship with footing. Footing can make the difference between a great weekend and a frustrating one. At World Equestrian Center (WEC), our footing has proven versatile and drawn compliments from even the most discerning rider. All three indoor equine arenas at the facility…

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horse show

What Should I Bring To A Horse Show?

First the good news: You’re planning to attend your first horse show. You’ve been training with your horse for months. The two of you are ready, willing and able. Both of you are in top form; you couldn’t be better. More good news: You’re attending World Equestrian Center (WEC), the largest indoor equestrian arena in…

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The Cutting Room: Your Home For Horse Show Beauty at WEC

That horse of yours makes some serious demands on your time. Feeding and daily cleaning take at least 35 minutes every day which is nothing compared to horse show days. So when is there time to take care of yourself? At the World Equestrian Center, the Cutting Room has your answer for horse show beauty….

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