World Equestrian Center
Cadets Horsemanship Program

World Equestrian Center Cadets Horsemanship Program

The Cadets Horsemanship Program is a unique educational program designed to teach critical horsemanship skills to young riders competing in the Junior divisions at the World Equestrian Center. First introduced in 2016 at the World Equestrian Center in
Wilmington, Ohio, the program is free and open to all.

The Cadets Horsemanship Program formed to address
industry-wide concerns over a lack of horsemanship skills
in young riders coming up through the ranks. Because
many of the riders on the horse show circuit do not care
for their own horses, they do not get the opportunity to
learn skills ‘out of the saddle’ that help them become better all around horsemen. The clinic schedule is designed to
include a mix of classroom learning and hands on, practical knowledge that riders can apply to their knowledge base
and put to practice in their everyday routine.

World Equestrian Center Horsemanship Clinics

At each World Equestrian Center horse show, young
riders are encouraged to attend weekly Cadets
Horsemanship clinics that are taught by equestrian
professionals. Each week, a new guest clinician teaches
the 30-minute educational clinic, which takes place
before the start of competition on Saturday mornings
at 7:30 a.m.
The clinicians are volunteers who generously donate
their time and expertise to the Cadets Horsemanship
Program. Since its inception, the Cadets Horsemanship
Program has hosted a myriad of equestrian professionals
including veterinarians, farriers, grooms, braiders, stable managers, equine nutrition experts and physiologists such as
masseuses and chiropractors. Horse show officials including stewards and course designers have lent their expertise as
well as those involved with aspects of the industry that are outside the ring or the stable such as equine magazine
publishers and those involved in the development of many of the unique products used in the equine industry.

Clinic Horsemanship Topics

The 30-minute clinics are immersive lessons on a wide
variety of horsemanship topics including:

  • Effective grooming techniques
  • Safe equine handling techniques
  • Equine anatomy
  • Saddle fitting
  • Equine teeth and dentistry
  • Hoof anatomy, shoeing and lameness
  • Equine health and nutrition
  • Feed and supplements for horses and ponies
  • Equine transportation – shipping logistics and safety
  • Equine musculoskeletal and chiropractic
  • Parasites, medications and creating and effecitve working rotation for your horse
  • Bandaging techniques
  • Braiding Clipping techniques
  • Bits – their design and usage
  • Tack and equipment review
  • Footing
  • Bedding and stable management
  • Training aids
  • Course design for Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation
  • Horse Show Management
  • Careers in the equine industry

Horsemanship Rider Topics

The Cadets Horsemanship clinics do not just focus on
horses or horse training. In fact, many clinicians focus on
the riders themselves with topics such as:

  • Helmet and boot fitting
  • Proper show ring attire for Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation
  • Boot and equipment care
  • Rider fitness with stretching and exercise tips
  • Rider nutrition, health and wellness
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Sports psychology

In addition to creating an informative presentation, the clinicians work hard to make the Cadets Horsemanship Clinics
fun . Many clinicians use interesting, interactive teaching techniques and provide educational worksheets, unique
visual aids and unusual props. Different stables donate horses or ponies and the aisles of their stabling or their tack
rooms for the practical, hands on clinics.
Generous vendors and sponsors frequently support the Cadets Horsemanship Program with contests, giveaways and
raffles associated with the program topics as well.
Some clinicians have created interactive games and quizzes based on horse show history or topics of interest, such as
horses and riders competing in the 2016 Olympic games. Several clinicians have created elaborate scavenger hunts
that ask Cadets to work in teams, following clues to solve riddles or locate items that win their team a prize.

Horsemanship Cadet Credits

Another important aspect of the Cadets Horsemanship
Program is the opportunity to help Junior riders subsidize
the cost of competing at World Equestrian Center
through a weekly lottery that awards horse show credits
to 40 participants. The way this works is that during each
Cadets Horsemanship Clinic the computer randomly
selects 1 Cadet to receive a $500 show bill credit and 39
Cadets to receive a $250 show bill credit.
The credits apply to that horse show only – they are nontransferable
and cannot be applied to future shows.
Since its introduction in early 2016, the Cadets Horsemanship Program has awarded more than $250,000 per year in
horse show credits. All Junior riders are eligible to participate in the program.

How to Participate

The Cadets Horsemanship Program is free and open to
any rider under the age of 18. The Cadets meet weekly
during World Equestrian Center horse shows on Saturday
mornings at 7:30 a.m. upstairs in the Sanctuary.
Those interested in attending the clinics at World
Equestrian Center horse shows should enter class #2000
on or fill out an add slip at the
horse show office. They must be entered by the close of
the office on Friday, no same day adds. The office closes
at 5:00 p.m. Information on the week’s topic and
clinician is detailed in the World Equestrian Center


For more information about the
CADETS Horsemanship Program, call us directly at

937-382-0985 (Option 6)

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