Shop WEC’s A Sudden Impulse Boutique

19 Nov 20 | Ocala, FL | SHARE

Just in time for the holidays, World Equestrian Center’s own A Sudden Impulse boutique is available to browse online. A Sudden Impulse boutique features a collection of carefully curated items inspired by the equestrian lifestyle including popular WEC-branded apparel, fine jewelry, pet items and luxurious gifts. To order, email with the item name, size and color that you would like to purchase. Holiday orders are due by December 10. All orders over $100 ship free. Happy shopping!

Women’s Cropped Hoodie, $38.00. Available in size large in gray (pictured) and pink.
Horse and horseshoe keychains, $20.00. Available in assorted colors (pictured).
Women’s Cap Sleeve Tee, $23.00. Available in black (pictured), gray, light pink and white.
WEC hats, $15.00. Available in assorted colors (pictured).
Unisex Wave Hoodie, $50.00. Available in light gray (pictured).
Swell water bottles, $45.00. Available in chrome, light pink, white, burgundy and black (all pictured).
Youth French Terry Hoodie, $31.50. Available in pink (pictured) and gray.
Unisex WEC Sweatshirt, $30. Available in blue (pictured), pink, burgundy, purple and gray.
WEC beanie, $8.00. Available in purple, black and white (all pictured).
Women’s Angle Hoodie, $35.00. Available in dark gray (pictured) royal blue, teal and light gray.
WEC mug candle, $16.00. Holiday mug, $5.00. WEC Mug, $5.00.
Men’s and Women’s Cool Last Polo, $31.00. Available in black (pictured) and gray.
Dog bowl, $20.00. WEC dog toy, $5.00.
Unisex Vineyard Vines “I (whale) WEC” and “I (whale) World Equestrian Center” tees, long sleeve $32.00, short sleeve $28.00. Available in white (pictured), royal blue, navy, pink, purple, red, gray and black.
20 oz Yeti Tumbler, $39.00. Available in black, white, chrome, mint and navy (all pictured).
Youth Striped Hoodie, $36.00. Available in size medium in gray (pictured) and pink.
Bell keychains, small $10.00, large $15.00. Assorted styles as pictured.
Women’s Baseball Tee, $26.00. Available in white/gray (pictured) and white/black.
WEC boot socks, $10.00. Available in large logo lavender (pictured), small logo lavender and small logo gray (pictured).
Women’s Vineyard Vines Polo, $60.00. Available in black (pictured), navy and white.
Koozie Yeit, $22.00. Available in white and chrome (both pictured). 10 oz Wine Yeti, $29.00. Available in navy, white and mint (all pictured).
WEC Muscle Tee, $20.00. Available in teal (pictured), black, gray and pink.
Pet travel food bowl, $15.00. Pet travel food bag, $15.00. Pet leash, $6.00.
Unisex Rain Jacket, $40.30. Youth rain jacket, $33.80. Jacket packs into the pocket for convenient carrying. Available in black (pictured), white and royal blue.
Baekgaard Duffle Bag with WEC interior logos, $175.50.
Youth Inspirational Quote Tee, long sleeve $12.00, short sleeve $8.00. Available in mint (pictured), gray, white, light blue, purple, orange and black.
Women’s Eco Fleece, $40.50. Available in purple (pictured), gray, pink, white, teal, burgundy and dark gray.
Assorted cross and pet jewelry, contact for prices on specific pieces.
Women’s Lucas Hoodie, $43.00. Available in dark gray (pictured), light gray and washed navy. WEC Sweatpants, $49.00. Available in black, gray and washed navy.
Assorted luxurious bath items. Contact for pricing and details.
Unisex J. Crew Polo, $34.00. Available in teal (pictured), light blue, black, white, gray, faded red, orange and medium blue.
Women’s Schoolyard Hoodie, $44.50. Available in washed navy (pictured) and gray.