Over 100,000 Square Feet of Climate Controlled Equestrian Arenas!

The facilities at the World Equestrian Center include three beautiful indoor arenas and two outdoor arenas, so we’re the perfect choice for all types of equestrian events. One of our equestrian arenas will suit your needs during any seasonal show, whether outdoor temperatures are hot, cold or even freezing.

Our climate controlled equestrian arenas give you the ability to regulate a preferred temperature during your visit with the World Equestrian Center. We also have energy efficient LED lighting, heated walkways, premium footing and much more!

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Enjoy a Climate-Controlled Environment in Our Newest Arena

The World Equestrian Center has recently expanded to include R+L Arena. This is the largest of our three arenas at 120’ x 615’. It is so large that we have been able to hold two Dressage events at the same time. This arena boasts premium footing and LED lighting in a climate-controlled space. No event is too large for this space! Easily walk from one arena to the other with our covered walkways that connect all three arenas: R+L, Bradley and Roberts Arena, which includes 60 percent of our barns. Contact us today for more information and to book your next equestrian event at the World Equestrian Center.

R+L Arena Specifications

  • Arena Dimensions: 120’ x 615’
  • Premium Footing
  • LED Lighting
  • Climate Controlled Space

Recently Expanded Roberts Arena Welcomes Guests

The World Equestrian Center, your top destination for equestrian events, has been undergoing many renovations lately, including the expansion of Roberts Arena to 108’ by 260’. This new addition includes a Makeup Arena and a seating capacity of 268. Roberts Arena is cooled in the summer by Big Ass® Fans and heated in the winter. Enjoy new premium footing, LED lighting and plenty of seating when you experience an event in Roberts Arena. Roberts Arena is connected to Bradley Arena, R&L Arena and 60 percent of our barns by enclosed walkways; the weather is not a problem at the World Equestrian Center. Contact us today for more information and to book your next event!

Roberts Arena Specifications:

  • Arena Dimensions – 108’ x 260’
  • Makeup Arena Dimensions – 60’ x 150’
  • Seating Capacity – 268
  • Premium Footing
  • Big Ass® Fans
  • LED Lighting
  • Announcer Stands

Beautiful Indoor Arena for Your Equestrian and Special Events

Upon entering the World Equestrian Center you are greeted with a view of Bradley Arena. This beautiful indoor arena is ready for equestrian and special events, including dog shows and 4-H events. Bradley Arena is 100’ by 208’ with a Makeup Arena that is 75’ by 105’ including enough seating for 480 spectators. This arena is heated during the winter months and cooled during the summer months with Big Ass® Fans. Equipped with premium footing, LED lighting and plenty of seating, this arena is ready for you to enjoy any event. Bradley Arena is connected to both Roberts Arena and R+L Arena by covered walkways. Contact a World Equestrian Center representative today to learn more about our arenas and book your next event!

Bradley Arena Specifications:

  • Arena Dimensions – 100’ by 208’
  • Makeup Arena Dimensions – 75’ by 105’
  • Seating Capacity – 480
  • Premium Footing
  • LED Lighting
  • Announcer Stands

Outdoor Arenas

In addition to our three indoor arenas, the World Equestrian Center is home to two outdoor arenas: Freedom and Liberty. Both outdoor arenas have plenty of seating to accommodate event spectators. Freedom and Liberty Outdoor Arenas both measure 104’ by 240’ with a shared Outdoor Makeup Arena that measures 110’ by 200’. Enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors when showing in our two outdoor arenas. The outdoor arenas are conveniently located near the The World Equestrian Center Cabins and Pavilion.

  • Freedom Outdoor Arena Dimensions: 140’ x 240’
  • Liberty Outdoor Arena Dimensions: 140’ x 240’
  • Outdoor Makeup Arena Dimensions: 110’ x 200
  • Spectator Seating

The Sanctuary

The World Equestrian Center’s newest arena in Wilmington, OH, The Sanctuary, is a 210 x 350 climate controlled indoor space featuring spectacular LED lighting, premium footing, heated walkways between arenas and seating for 1,100 spectators. The Sanctuary also features a Sunday Morning worship service, vendor space, a state-of-the-art video scoreboard, media center, live streaming of events and an exclusive VIP viewing area complete with drinks and dining. Contact us today to book your next equestrian event at the World Equestrian Center.