Wilmington Equestrian Forms

The World Equestrian Center provides an excellent horse show experience for our exhibitors. We also provide a safe, healthy environment for horses. As an exhibitor, your cooperation in providing horse show forms and bringing only healthy horses to our facilities is essential. This ensures a positive experience for everyone who attends our shows.

Required Horse Show Forms

All horses entering the World Equestrian Center grounds must have:

  • Proof of a current negative Coggins test (within 12 months)
  • A 30-day certificate of veterinary inspection, required for all horses arriving from outside the state of Ohio
  • Proof of mandatory vaccinations

Horses who fail to arrive with appropriate equestrian forms and paperwork cannot unload onto show grounds. Please have your paperwork and bring it to the show office upon arrival.


It is strongly recommended that all horses be vaccinated for Equine-EHV-1 (either modified live or killed vaccine) no sooner than 7 days prior to and no later than 180 days prior to entering the show grounds. Most EHV-1 vaccines are only considered effective for 180 days. Please check with your veterinarian about which vaccine is right for your horse.

We strongly recommend vaccinations against WNV, EEE, WEE, Tetanus and Rabies.

Please take measures to document your horse’s normal temperature and maintain a log of temperatures taken at least twice daily. If there is an elevated temperature for more than a 24-hour period, please consult your veterinarian immediately. Do not ship a horse with an elevated temperature.

Report horses on show grounds with fevers to World Equestrian Center management immediately.

We encourage all exhibitors to establish and practice good hygiene in their daily stable routine and with horses that are traveling. Communicate hygiene practices to your barn staff.