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The Luck of the…Not-Necessarily-Irish

In the spirit of luck on St. Patrick’s Day, we took to social media asking riders to share their horse show good luck charms. From horseshoe necklaces to a slew of lucky socks, there are apparently no limits to what equestrians will wear or do in hopes of a good ride. Below are some of our favorite responses:


“My lucky socks! They’re just plain magenta but they’re good luck.”


“Morning coffee!!”


“Our good luck charm is a WEC horse stuffed animal that we got from Santa during the braiding competition in December!”


“I have a pair of bamboo socks that I always show in.”


“I always used to wear my Tabasco bottle socks on show days, since the jumper I used to shows’ name was Tabasco! I miss him and showing at WEC so much rn<3”

Autumn Dethlefs

“I had a little blue turtle charm when I was little that I ALWAYS had on my mare’s bridle for good luck.”


“Every Sunday at a show, I wear my ponytail bows that are colored like a champion ribbon because I qualified for Pony Finals 3 times on the Sunday of a show wearing the bows!”


“My lucky charm is my Camp Cabin bracelet. It keeps me calm with flashbacks!”


“Any money classes I have ever won money in I wear my lucky socks covered in money.”


“Quality time with the horses<3”


“My lucky bows.”


“My pony.”


“My dog!!”


“My good luck charm is this thing my friend and I do. It’s called ‘the stare’. It sounds creepy but it isn’t. Before one of us goes into the ring my friend will give my horse a pep talk and stare at him. She will say like, ‘You won’t spook,’ or, ‘We will do amazing,’ or, ‘We will get our lead changes.’ Stuff like that. And I will do the same to her horse. It’s just a fun little thing we like to do.”


“My pair of lucky socks I won from a medal class!”


“My friends.”


“I have a special belt!”


“New York Yankees hat when I train.”


“My barn mates<3”


“My lucky Sperry’s I’ve had forever! These Sperry’s are my good luck charm! I’ve had them since the dawn of time it feels like. Any time I’m wandering the barns at a show or walking my horse around, I’m wearing these. They remind me to always stay laid back and humble because horse shows aren’t supposed to be stressful, they’re supposed to be fun!”


“My Chagrin Saddlery socks!”

Grace OConnell

“My mom!”


“My lucky socks.”


“I felt off the first day at WEF but the next day my trainer put a lucky charm in her hair and she was perfect I think it really works.”


“I always have one of the crosses you guys put all around in the pocket of my vest I wear all of the time. I also have a bracelet with my horse’s show name that I always wear.”


“My horse himself, I trust him with my life and he’s the best boy and always makes my day.”


“Lucky crop! Someone broke it, but I still taped it back together and used it at the next show.”


“My blue Zocks.”


“I have a lipstick that I wear anytime that I show.”


“I have a horseshoe necklace I got for my 16th birthday and I haven’t taken it off since!!!”

Allison Wesley

“Quick prayer, deep breath, and tell my horse it’s time to kick butt.”


“My lucky Batman spur straps, for my horse named Gotham.”


“I have a hair tie full of ribbon my school gives us before shows. I wear it at every show.”

We hope you have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day and would like to leave you with an Irish blessing:

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