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Featured Finds at World Equestrian Center: Bemer Group

This week’s Featured Finds brings us again to the heart of World Equestrian Center in Vendor Village. Located in the white storefront next to the stone archway that leads to the International Grille & Cafe and Roberts Arena, Bemer Group comes to us this week with a plethora of products to help humans and horses alike, with all products focused on microcirculation and cell health. Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg represents Bemer Group this week, and sat down with us to explain the science behind their products.

Bemer Group’s horse blanket is packed with the latest in healing technology.

Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg explains that our bodies are made up of billions of cells that all need proper nutrients to function correctly. When the cell is fed well with both nutrients and oxygen, and then detoxed well, the cell is able to work properly. When the cell is working properly, the organs are able to work properly and the organism can then work properly.

Bemer Group’s line of products focuses on the microcirculation/blood flow in the body. Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg explains that our body is comprised of 25% “big” vessels, like arteries and visible veins, and 75% “small” vessels like capillaries, which do the job of feeding and detoxing the cells. He explains that the heart is the central “pump” for all of these blood vessels, but that the heart cannot do all of the work on it’s own.

To put things into perspective, Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg goes on to explain that, if you were to lie the entire human blood vessel system flat on the ground, it would cover the area of a soccer field, and the heart would be in the exact center of the soccer field. Since blood is thick in consistency, it would be nearly impossible for the heart to pump blood to every corner of the soccer field. It needs a system to help it. That’s where vessel motion comes into play, or movement on the small vessels. Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg explains that there are millions of mini-pumps sitting on the small vessels that pump the blood to and from the cell. This aids the heart in getting blood across the entire “soccer field”, or throughout our entire bodies.

In a healthy body with healthy cells, small vessels pump blood to and from the cells three to four times per minute. In an unhealthy body with unhealthy cells, this number is decreased, with the small vessels only pumping blood to and from cells once every ten minutes in severe cases. While you can still live like this, your body will not be healthy. Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg uses the analogy of grocery shopping to explain this:

“For example, let’s say you go to the grocery store once per week and fill your shopping cart up with food. Everything is fine and you can feed yourself properly. If you can only go to the grocery store once per month and only get that same one shopping cart full of food, you will survive, but you will not be healthy.”

Bemer Group’s human products provide healing for all areas of the body.

To combat this issue, Bemer Group’s products stimulate the mini-pumps on the small vessels, activating microcirculation and increasing these pumps per minute. The patented frequency in Bemer’s “pulses” are tailored to target microcirculation, making their product unique from other products that claim to increase blood flow, and the increase in microcirculation explains the success behind Bemer’s products. This increase in microcirculation targets inflammation, chronic pain, wounds, degenerative diseases, metabolic disorders, vascular disease and even acne.

Bemer offers plenty of products for both humans and horses. Their human line includes a full body blanket, a smaller pad for targeted treatment, a spot treatment and even a light for skin treatment. Bemer’s equine line offers a full body blanket, as well as a boot. In horses, Bemer products have been proven to aid in wound healing, respiratory issues and tendon injuries.

Along with Bemer products, Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg has also brought LAVYLITES products with him this week. Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg explains that information is transferred through the body three ways: electrical (nerve), humoral (blood), and frequencies. He also notes that  toxins, polution, stress and lack of nourishment have a big impact on our cell health. LAVYLITES products aid in cell health and regeneration. LAVYLITES products were founded by Tibor Jakabovics, a Hungarian modest medical scientist and self-proclaimed alchemist who previously worked for the pharmaceutical industry and discovered the spray bandage, in a process over 15 years discovered vibratory information and the matching frequencies, which allow each cell to clear itself, to organize itself and to regenerate. Jakabovics’s passion for nature and his 20 years of experience in studies including original cell-communication and activation of self-healing forces led him to develop LAVYLITES.

LAVYLITES contains Vibratory Information of active ingredients of medicinal plants, minerals, crystals and colloidal metals that include more than 3000 units of information that enter every cell within 8-30 seconds. The goals LAVYLITES include increasing cell energy activating self-healing forces, returning cells to their original state of health and improving self-awareness/inner peace. With about 100 billion cells making up our bodies, and 50 million of them dying and renewing/being replaced every second, it is important to give these cells the nutrients they need to function properly. Luckily, LAVYLITES offers many products including body sprays, nasal sprays, oral sprays and stem cell serum that aid in cell health and regeneration.

For more information on Bemer Group products or LAVYLITES products, contact Dr. Christian Müller-Ehrenberg at +49 171-422-8732, email him at cmehorses@me.com, or stop by his storefront in Vendor Village this week!

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