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Charlotte Clark and Kinsella Leap into Another $25,000 WEC Grand Prix Win

Leap Day appropriately brought plenty of thrilling jumper action to the Sanctuary Arena this afternoon for the $25,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix and the $7,500 Futures Prix 1.30m sponsored by Voltaire Design. Both classes saw repeat victories for two Ohio natives with last week’s winners claiming another top finish in their respective classes.

$25,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix

Charlotte Clark and Kinsella leap into another $25,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix win.

Charlotte Clark and her own Kinsella (Capitalist x Jerpoint Mist) took the win again this week in the $25,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix. The pair bested a field of 16 entries with just four making it to the short course. The course for this afternoon’s class was designed by Keith Bollotte and featured 15 jumping efforts including a triple bar to start the course, two combinations and several bending lines.

Paul Halpern and Diesel secure a spot in the jump off.

First to jump clear were Paul Halpern and Groupe Zacar Inc.’s Diesel. The pair earned a fifth place finish earlier this week in the $5,000 Welcome Stake 1.35m, preparing them well for this afternoon’s class. Halpern and Diesel were careful in the first round, jumping clear in a time of 80.735 seconds and securing a spot in the jump-off.

David Beisel and Essince W jump a clear first round.

Shortly after, David Beisel and his own Essince W (Chacco Blue x Rossan) snagged a spot in the jump-off. The pair has had a fantastic winter season, taking back-to-back victories in $25,000 World Equestrian Center Grands Prix during Week 4 and 5 of ‘Winter in the Midwest’. Beisel and the 10-year-old KWPN gelding returned to the arena this afternoon refreshed and ready to compete, jumping clear in a time of 78.318 seconds.

Rachael Howard and Gotham Group’s Gotham also jumped a clear first round. The pair often takes top placings in 1.30-1.45m jumper classes and was on form this afternoon, navigating a clear first round in a time of 80.976 seconds.

Charlotte Clark and Kinsella clear a triple bar with style.

Last in the order and last to earn their way into the jump-off were Charlotte Clark and her own Kinsella (Capitalist x Jerpoint Mist). The pair was on fire last week, topping the Grand Prix without taking any inside turns, highlighting their signature speed. This afternoon, Clark and the nine-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare managed one of the fastest first rounds of the class, leaving all rails up in a time of 76.748 seconds, signaling that they would, again, be tough to catch in the jump-off.

The ring was refreshed and four entries returned for the jump off. Halpern and Deisel were first to attempt the short course, taking inside turns to fences 2, 8 and 15. The pair stopped the clock at 42.920 seconds, but had one unlucky rail. Howard and Gotham were next in the order, also taking inside turns, crossing the timers at 46.616 seconds with one unfortunate rail. Beisel and Essince W mimicked the inside track, clearing each fence with ease and racing through the timers at 42.292 seconds. Last to contest the short course were Clark and Kinsella. The pair chose the inside turns this week, galloping between fences and through the timers with a clear round in 39.870 seconds for the win.

Clark of Kendalwood Farm in Sunbury, Ohio took a moment to chat with us ringside after the awards presentation, “Kinsella was awesome. I always say that every single time I ride her. I actually thought she was better than me in the first round. I had the benefit of going last. I thought David, who went before me, was pretty fast in the jump-off, so I knew I would have to try and it worked out for us this afternoon. She jumped even better in the jump-off. She is more of a speed horse anyway; that is her specialty. I know Kinsella so well; it was great to win two weeks in a row.”

She shared a funny realization, “I have never won two weeks in a row, so I am very excited about that. I was laughing this morning because, if I won tonight, it wouldn’t come up on my Facebook memories for four years because it’s a leap year. I knew something exciting had to happen today because we only get this every four years.”

Clark also added, “I am here alone this week. I have been hanging out with Madeline Nuckols and I’m grateful that she has been helping me out.”

$25,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix Results

  1. Kinsella, Charlotte Clark – 0 | 0 | 39.870
  2. Essince W, David Q. Beisel – 0 | 0 | 42.292
  3. Diesel, Paul Halpern – 0 | 4 | 42.920
  4. Gotham, Rachael Howard – 0 | 4 | 46.616 
  5. Artiflex R, Raquel Mazur – 4 | 77.299
  6. Lasco 29, Summer Hill – 4 | 77.307
  7. Light Show, Summer Hill – 4 | 79.908 
  8. Mauna Lani, Lanie Thomas – 8 | 77.124
  9. Cymo, Lanie Thomas – 8 | 78.380
  10. Haydn, Shelly Zimmerli – 8 | 79.131

$7,500 Futures Prix 1.30m

David Beisel and Ivana Jump top the $7,500 Futures Prix for the second consecutive week.

For the second week in a row, David Beisel earned top honors in $7,500 Futures Prix sponsored by Voltaire Design with Equine Holdings LLC’s Ivana Jump (Lupicor x Donnaludine). For their win, the pair received a $100 gift certificate to Dandy Products, a Horseware cooler, and the lion’s share of the prize money. This was also a special win for Beisel with today being his birthday. This afternoon’s class saw 15 entries with four jumping double clear, making for tough competition.

David Beisel and Ivana Jump soar over an oxer.

Beisel and Equine Holdings LLC’s Ivana Jump (Lupicor x Donnaludine) set the pace for the class about midway through the order of go. The pair took first place in last week’s Futures Prix and returned to the Sanctuary Arena this afternoon hungry for another win. Beisel and the seven-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare were quick and clear in the first round in a time of 70.849 seconds, then continued straight to the jump-off of the Table II 2b event. Beisel and the fiery mare kept their pace, taking inside turns to fences 11, 15 and 8, stopping the clock at 34.809 seconds and ultimately taking first place.

Izabelle Quadracci and Tipperary Hill jump into second place.

Izabelle Quadracci and her own Tipperary Hill were hot on Beisel’s trail. The pair frequents the 1.30m jumpers and was prepared to bring the heat in this afternoon’s class. Quadracci and her Warmblood gelding jumped the quickest first round of the class in 66.491 seconds and advanced straight to the jump-off. They also took inside turns to fences 11, 15 and 8, crossing the timers at 37.822 seconds for a second place finish.

Michael Kocher and Captain Jack Sparrow H clear an oxer.

Michael Kocher and his own Captain Jack Sparrow H (Cassin x Unicutus) were also impressive in this afternoon’s Futures Prix. The pair topped the class during Week 8 of ‘Winter in the Midwest’ at World Equestrian Center, proving to be strong 1.30m competitors. This afternoon, Kocher and the 11-year-old Holsteiner gelding took their time in the first round, leaving all rails up in 74.797 seconds. They picked up the pace on the short course, jumping clear in 38.822 seconds for third place.

Beisel of David Beisel Stables in Goshen, Ohio took a moment to chat with us about his win, “I thought Ivana was pretty on it today. She always goes a little right, so in the bending line in the first round, she shifted a little right over the oxer and rubbed it, and I was like, ‘Oh no, I can’t knock the first jump down!’ It was a good reminder to keep her straight. She jumped beautifully after that. It was a challenging enough course; the jumps just kept coming.”

He continued, “I was thrilled with the jump-off. I was originally planning on angling the first jump a little more in the jump-off, but after I got that rub in the first round I knew she was going to turn right quickly, so I didn’t want to go too far out and angle it. I tried to be smart there. I thought the yellow oxer came up great. She just flew around there. I wanted to give her a little room so she could jump it well. The Osphos came up nice. I was thinking about my daughter over the Osphos. I told her that, if you have a good first couple jumps right off the bat and youre rolling, then you can try some inside turns. I don’t know if anyone else got the inside turn after the oxerShe turns right so well, I knew if I could just catch the blue a little patient it would be right there for her to duck inside, which I thought could be very advantageous.”

Beisel also had a few special mentions, “Thank you to Allie McBreen for helping all my derby riders today. As always, thank you Antarès for the helmets and thank you CWD for the saddles. Thank you to Dale Nielson for letting me ride his mare. It’s fun because Ivana’s mother is showing here this week, too, so there are two generations here. She’s in the Novice Children’s with a young lady from Canada. I’ve won a Futures Prix with two generations of mares. I’ve also got a third one at home and I’m excited about breaking her this spring.”

$7,500 Futures Prix 1.30m Results

  1. Ivana Jump, David Q. Beisel – 0 | 0 | 34.809
  2. Tipperary Hill, Izabelle Quadracci – 0 | 0 | 37.986 
  3. Captain Jack Sparrow H, Michael Kocher – 0 | 0| 38.822
  4. Hendrik, Summer Hill – 0 | 0 | 40.813
  5. Kinette Van’t Klavertise Vier, Michael Kocher – 0 | 8 | 37.973
  6. Nimbus, Madeline Nuckols Meyers – 0 | 10 | 51.355
  7. MTM IBelieve, Will Baker – 4 | 67.488
  8. Aces High, Greg Kuti – 4 | 70.933
  9. Joplin Ter Doom, Kathleen M. Caya – 4 | 71.137
  10. Vegas H, David Q. Beisel – 8 | 65.722

Photos courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.