11 April 19  | 

David Beisel and Angelo Snatch the Win in the Winter Classic 16 $5,000 Welcome Stake 1.35 m

David Beisel and Angelo take the blue in the $5,000 Welcome Stake 1.35 m.

Today welcomed Week 16 of the 2019 Winter Series of the Midwest at World Equestrian Center as entries took to the Sanctuary Arena to contest the $5,000 Welcome Stake 1.35 m sponsored by CWD Sellier. Fierce competition filled the ring with Robert Mendoza and Bannockburn Farm’s United M (Baloubet Du Rouet x United) setting a tough pace to beat early on in the class, but it was David Beisel aboard Maarten Huygens’ Angelo (Conthargos x Grand Ronja) that ultimately took the win.

The course for this afternoon’s $5,000 Welcome Stake 1.35 m sponsored by CWD Sellier was designed by Tucker Williams of Ocala, Florida and featured two one-stride combinations, flowing lines, and many opportunities for inside turns. The course began over an oxer-to-vertical line heading up the diagonal, then headed back down the ring over a second oxer-to-vertical line on the opposite diagonal. Entries then turned to jump an oxer parallel to the ingate and continued up the rail over an oxer-to-vertical one stride combination. Next, entries rolled back to jump the skinny CWD vertical on the diagonal, then rode up the rail over an oxer that led to a one stride combination. To finish, entries jumped an oxer heading down the diagonal, rolled back to an oxer on the rail, then jumped a vertical at the top of the ring and galloped through the timers.

Robert Mendoza and United M cleared the Tribute oxer with ease.

First in the order of go was Robert Mendoza and Bannockburn Farm’s United M (Baloubet Du Rouet x United). The pair have frequented the Jumper ring during the 2019 Winter Series, taking top placings in both the Welcome Stake and the $25,000 WEC Grand Prix. They came well-prepared to compete in this afternoon’s class after taking second place in the Grand Prix here just one month ago. Mendoza and United M delivered a confident, composed first round, clearing each fence with room to spare and finishing the course in 80.476 seconds, about three and a half seconds under the time allowed of 84 seconds.

Mendoza and United M continued straight to the jump off. The course for the jump off began over a vertical on the diagonal at the bottom of the ring, then rolled back to a vertical headed down the opposite diagonal. From there, entries jumped the oxer-to-vertical one stride combination on the rail and continued to the oxer on the rail. To finish, entries rounded the top of the ring and jumped a vertical heading down the diagonal, then rolled back to the vertical at the top of the ring heading the opposite direction. Mendoza and Untied M picked up the pace, keeping their confident, sure step from the first round. The pair chose to take the inside turns in the jump off, hugging the jumps to approach the next fence. Mendoza and United M crossed the timers at a quick 37.804 seconds, setting a tough time to beat for the remaining entries.

Robert Mendoza and Java Van De Kleinheide slice a vertical in preparation for a tidy rollback.

None came close to Mendoza and United M’s clear, fast jump off until Mendoza returned to the ring, this time aboard Bannockburn Farm’s Java Van De Kleinheide (Thunder Van De Zuuthoeve x Eclinta Van Der Bosrand). The pair have taken top placings in 1.30 m classes throughout the 2019 Winter Series of the Midwest and stepped up this afternoon to compete in the 1.35 m Welcome Stake. Mendoza and Java Van De Kleinheide sped through the first course, clearing each fence with ease and crossing the timers with the fastest clear first round of the class in just 76.647 seconds. The pair continued straight to the jump off, keeping their pace and displaying scope to spare. Mendoza opted not to try the tight inside turn to the final fence, but still finished the course in 38.139 seconds, putting Java Van De Kleinheide at second place behind United M.

David Beisel and Angelo jump to the win.

Last in the order, David Beisel entered the ring aboard Maarten Huygens’ Angelo (Conthargos x Grand Ronja). The pair have been incredibly successful throughout the Winter Series in the 1.30 m classes, taking several wins. Beisel and Angelo took their time in the first round, ensuring that all rails stayed up, but still finished well within the time allowed at 80.470 seconds. The pair continued straight to the jump off, riding a foot perfect course, taking each fence out of stride and bringing a natural feel to their impressively tidy rollback turns. Beisel opted to take the tight rollback to the final fence, saving valuable time. The pair galloped through the timers at 37.176 seconds, stealing first place and moving Mendoza and his mounts to second and third place respectively.

Beisel of David Beisel Stables in Goshen, Ohio stuck around for a few minutes after the awards presentation to chat with us about his win. “This is Angelo’s first big win,” explained Beisel, “He’s been second twice, third once and fourth once in the Futures Prix. I did him last week in his second Grand Prix and he jumped it so easy, then he jumped really nice in the 1.35 m yesterday which left me with the feeling that we should try the Welcome.”

Beisel also gave us some insight into the Bay Mecklenburg gelding’s personality, “He’s eight years old. Maarten Huygens owns him. He’s for sale. He’s been with me since January and he’s a character. He has a lot of personality. He loves to jump; he’s super careful and brave. He’s super crafty, too. In the jump off when he landed from the vertical, he turned so quick. It’s easy for him! He did that last week; there was a line where you landed from a combination and did a tight turn, and he did it so effortlessly. We’re aiming for the Grand Prix again this week!”

Watch Beisel and Angelo’s winning round, courtesy of ShowNet

$5,000 Welcome Stake 1.35 m Results

  1. Angelo, David Beisel – 0 | 0 | 37.176
  2. United M, Robert Mendoza – 0 | 0 | 37.804
  3. Java Van De Kleinheide – 0 | 0 | 38.139
  4. Kinsella, Charlotte Clark – 0 | 4 | 37.263
  5. Chanel, Sarah Meier – 0 | 8 | 37.243
  6. First FInch, Logan Taylor – 4 | 74.716
  7. Air Guitar, Erin Ferguson-Hughes – 4 | 79.847
  8. Caroquados T, Sam Pegg – 4 | 81.812
  9. Sandro Khan – 12 | 77.859
  10. Viva’s Dolce W, Elyse Batista – 12 | 82.366

Photos courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.