05 October 19  | 

Derby Day at WEC Fall II

This afternoon was filled with stunning Hunter action in the R+L Arena in both the Open and Non Pro sections of the $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derbies. Between the two classes, fifty three entries contested the gorgeous Derby course designed by Bobby Murphy of Lexington, Kentucky. This afternoon’s course featured plentiful Fall decor, a pair of two-stride lines, several flowing bending lines and many inside turn opportunities in the handy round.

$20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby – Open

Timothy Maddrix and Eye Cloud take first place in the Open $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby.

The afternoon began with twenty nine entries vying for the win in the Open $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby. Competition was fierce with a cut off of 83 heading into the handy round of the Derby. This afternoon, it was Timothy Maddrix and the flashy Grace Gallenstein’s Eye Cloud (Clintissimo Z x U NO Doubt II) that caught the judges’ eyes and earned the top spot.

Timothy Maddrix and Eye Cloud take the high option.

Timothy Maddrix and Eye Cloud have shown to top ribbons in the Performance Hunters throughout the Summer. The nine year old Warmblood gelding also had a fantastic summer showing in the Children’s Hunters with owner Grace Gallenstein. This afternoon, Eye Cloud and Maddrix jumped a seemingly-effortless first round, earning a score of 89.

The first round was filled with impressive rides including that of Havens Schatt and her own Actender PS (Action Breaker x Conpila). The pair have been racking up top placings in the Green Hunters and Performance Hunters throughout the Summer, preparing them well for this afternoon’s Derby. Schatt and the seven year old Oldenburg gelding jumped the course with classic style, earning an 88 in the first round.

Kelley Farmer and As Quoted jump an oxer with style.

Kelley Farmer and David Glefke’s As Quoted (Zambesi TN x Bybalia SMH) earned the highest score in the first round. Like Schatt and Actender PS, the pair have also been raking in the blues throughout the Summer in the Green Hunters. Today, Farmer and the six year old Dutch Warmblood gelding showed off their skills for a first round score of 92.

The ring was refreshed and the top twelve entries returned for the handy round. Schatt and Actender PS found their way to the top of the scoreboard near the bottom of the order, earning a score of 92 for a two round total of 180. The pair held their lead until Maddrix and Eye Cloud rode a foot-perfect round, taking incredibly handy inside turns for a score of 94, which brought their two round total to 183, moving them into first place. Last to return was Farmer and As Quoted. The pair wowed the judges, earning a score of 90, bringing their two round total to 182, setting them in second place and moving Schatt and Actender PS into third place.

Maddrix of M&M Sporthorses in Birmingham, Alabama stuck around after the class to chat with us ringside about his ride aboard Eye Cloud, “He was great. He jumps great. He was just really solid and jumped everything really high and had a huge step so he got right down the lines. I knew we had to be really handy because we were coming back third and Kelley Farmer is handy. I went inside the island after the first jump. He’s easy, you just point and shoot in the handy. He was a good boy.”

When asked about Eye Cloud, Maddrix laughed, “Well, to be honest, the first time I rode him was yesterday. He seems like a pretty cool dude. He just doesn’t care about much. He likes going in the ring and jumping high and winning.”

$20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby Results – Open

  1. Eye Cloud, Timothy Maddrix – 89 | 94 | 183
  2. As Quoted, Kelley Farmer – 92 | 90 | 182
  3. Actender PS, Havens Schatt – 88 | 92 | 180
  4. Comissario, Morgan Ward – 85.5 | 91.5 | 177
  5. Happy Thoughts, Havens Schatt – 86 | 90 | 176
  6. Lavish, David Beisel – 83 | 87 | 170
  7. Rascal, Timothy Maddrix – 84 | 85 | 169
  8. Mr. Big, Megan Uditis – 85 | 83 | 168
  9. Shutterbug, Timothy Maddrix – 83 | 87 | 163
  10. Constellation, Anna Schierholz – 86.5 | 49 | 135.5

$20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby – Non Pro

Keely McIntosh and Hinton II take the blue in the Non Pro $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby.

The Non Pro $20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby saw equally impressive competition with twenty four entries taking to the course in hopes of claiming a piece of the prize money. Scores were also close in the Non Pro section of the Derby, but it was Keely McIntosh and Jenny Booth’s Hilton II (Clinton x Onieke) that claimed top honors.

Keely McIntosh and Hilton II take a high oxer option.

McIntosh and Hilton II earned one of the highest scores in the first round of the Non Pro Derby. The pair regularly take top placings in the Amateur Owner Hunters, preparing them for this afternoon’s class. Today, McIntosh and the the twelve year old Belgian Warmblood gelding negotiated a flawless first round, earning a score of 87.

The top score in the first round was earned by Rachel Kolar and Lisa Kolar’s Lukelele (Liscotti x Reta). Kolar and the six year old Hanoverian gelding have shown consistently in the Green Hunters, taking top placings. This afternoon, the striking pair earned a score of 89 in the first round.

Gabrielle Smoller and Queen Bean Investments, LLC’s  Promise Me (Pablo x Antonella) also had a fantastic first round in the Non Pro Derby. The pair often take top placings in the Amateur Owner Hunters and were ready to compete this afternoon. Today, Smoller and the nine year old Hanoverian mare navigated the first round for a score of 88.

Rachel Kolar and Lukelele jump into second place.

The top twelve entries returned for the handy round. McIntosh and Hilton II returned near the bottom of the order, taking the inside turn after the first fence and earning an impressive score off 92, bringing their two round total to 179. Smoller and Promise Me were next to return, earning a second score of 88 for a two round total of 176, positioning themselves just behind McIntosh and Hilton II. Kolar and Lukelele were last to return, also earning a score of 88 for an overall score of 177, moving into second place between McIntosh and Smoller.

We caught up with McIntosh of Booth Show Jumpers in Magnolia, Texas after the class to chat about her ride. “Hilton’s a very good horse and I knew he was going to give me a really good first round. If I was going to be worried about any round, it was going to be the second round, but he really put it together and had a really great inside turn and trot jump. I wasn’t really planning on doing anything inside or risky, but I figured, if we were going to do it, today was the day. He really gave it his all.”

When asked about Hilton II, McIntosh replied, “He actually just started doing Hunters this year. He actually did some Grands Prix with me and some bigger stuff. He was off last year for an injury and when he came back I had a lot of Jumpers in training and didn’t really want another Jumper, so we put him in the Hunter ring and it’s kind of where he belongs. It was a round-about way of how we got there, but this is his ring.”

McIntosh also commented on Hilton II’s personality, “He’s a lover, on other horses and people. My vets love him, my farrier loves him…he’s a sweetheart. My chiropractor was looking at him this year and said, ‘That horse really loves you.’ He’s just a lover.”

McIntosh gave us some insight into her riding career, “I went to Texas A&M for college and I’ve been out since Spring of 2016. I’ve been riding ever since. My Mom (Jenny Booth) owns Booth Show Jumpers. We have a whole crew of horses that I’m blessed to ride, including this one. I get to ride all day long. I think, having gotten this far, everyone who has put out the effort to help me and to help this horse really deserves to be thanked, especially my Mom and the boys and all of the trainers who’ve gotten me to this place.”

$20,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby Results – Non Pro

  1. Hilton II, Keely McIntosh – 87 | 92 | 179
  2. Lukelele, Rachel Kolar – 89 | 88 | 177
  3. Promise Me, Gabrielle Smoller – 88 | 88 | 176
  4. Red Roc, Kiera Phlipot – 81 | 91 | 172
  5. Colato Sabata, Emily Reder – 78  |87 | 165
  6. The Boy Friend, Paige Beisel – 81.5 | 83 | 164.5
  7. No Introduction, Christopher Coberley – 74 | 90 | 164
  8. Carpedi, Lindsey Ward – 80 | 81 | 161
  9. Cat Daddy, Elizabeth Solomon – 82 | 78 | 160
  10. Favoriet, Izzy Beisel – 83 | 73 | 156