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The thrill and excitement of a horse show seem to permeate even the atmosphere. The movements, the presentation and the feel of an equestrian event – this majestic symphony of horse and human– course through your blood, reaching every part of your being.

Preparing for and participating in a horse show is, on one level, a uniquely physical experience. To keep energy levels high and to maintain your endurance, you and your horse need regular and proper nourishment.

For you, on the human side of this equation, we at World Equestrian Center (WEC) present the Arena Grille & Café equestrian arena restaurant, where we’re quite confident you’ll find something scrumptious to fill your tummy during breaks in the competition.

Located between Lamar Arena and Bradley Arena, the Arena Grille & Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to exhibitors and spectators.

WEC visitors and guests can sit, relax and dine or take their delicious meals. The Arena Grille & Café is open during all show hours and offers hungry folks a variety of scrumptious choices from our menus.

Fine Dining at Roberts Arena

Participating in Horse Shows Requires Nourishment

Horse activities burn significant amounts of calories. Getting a good meal keeps you healthy, strong and alert. Here are estimated calorie expenditures per hour for various horse activities, from

  • Shoveling: 354 (130-pound person), 422 (155-pound person) and 518 (190-pound person).
  • General horse riding; brisk walking (4 mph): 236, 281 and 345.
  • Riding horse at a walk: 148, 176 and 216.
  • Riding horse at a trot: 384, 457 and 561.
  • Riding horse a gallop; baling hale or cleaning barn; polo: 472, 563 and 690.
  • Horse grooming; fencing; hiking cross country (to get a wayward horse): 354, 422 and 518.
  • Shoveling grain: 325, 387 and 474.
  • Walking, carrying 15-pound load: 207, 246 and 302.

Equine experts say horse enthusiasts tend to neglect healthy eating habits for themselves during shows while focusing on providing their horses with proper nutrition and meals, according to American Quarter Horse Association.

Fine Dining at Roberts Arena

Exhibitors can all relate to the irritable feeling you get when you haven’t eaten,” said dietician and all-around amateur competitor Christine Sceets. “Skipping breakfast, or other meals for that matter, and expecting to have a peak mental performance is a tall order.”

Sceets said in America’s Horse Daily that getting three meals per day helps reduce swings in blood-glucose levels. Regular meals also help prevent mood swings and enhance focus and mental performance during competitions.

“Eating more frequently will help you avoid becoming absolutely ravenous at the end of the day,” Sceets said. “You’ll feel miserably stuffed after eating everything in sight at a late-night dinner. Remember, eating is not a timed event. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to recognize that it is full.”

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