Important COVID-19 Update from World Equestrian Center

02 Aug 20 | Equestrian News | SHARE

To our exhibitors, trainers, grooms, staff, friends and family:

The World Equestrian Center has been made aware of the cancellation of showing at the Kentucky Summer horse show effective 8/2/2020 and the cancellation of the US Equestrian Pony Finals due to the number of COVID-19 positive cases at the show.  At this time, The World Equestrian Center plans to move forward with our horse show August 5-9, 2020 in Wilmington, Ohio.  Due to the recent situation in Kentucky, we are proactively updating and refreshing our Covid-19 policies:

1)       As per the USEF Covid-19 Action plan participants will be required to continue to self-monitor their daily temperatures.  The staff at WEC will be coming around to check these logs as we feel necessary.  Please have your temp logs readily available to be checked by our COVID-19 monitors.  Exhibitors should also plan to have temperatures taken at the entry gate of the facility. Entry may be limited to the facility main entrance only.

2)      We are asking exhibitors traveling from Kentucky Horse Shows to do their due diligence.  If you feel you have been in close contact with those who tested positive for COVID-19 and could pose a risk to our event, then we are asking you that refrain from attending our show.

3)      We are reminding everyone that the grounds are limited to participants, trainers, grooms, 2 immediate family members and staff.  Only those that are vital to competition may attend.

4)      Trainers please designate a representative to handle any office business that must be conducted in person.  Please contact Julie Agar to arrange office appointments if needed.

5)      Braiding is prohibited for this show. While the braiders are part of our WEC family, we feel it is in the best interest of the facility to limit any persons on the grounds who are deemed not vital.  At this time we feel these measures will continue to protect from barn-to-barn contact during our event.

6)      Reminder per USEF protocols individuals are allowed to be seated together while being transported by golf cart (or similar four-wheeled transport) but capacity may not exceed the number of seats on the cart or vehicle and all individuals must wear face masks or face coverings.  Congregating on or around a parked or stationary golf carts is prohibited.

7)      All seating around arenas will be closed.

8)      Masks and face coverings must be worn at all times except while mounted on a horse.  Social distancing also applies while in the barn area.  Please refraining from sharing equipment.

9)      Please stay tuned for further updates

If you have any questions regarding these policies please contact General Manager TJ Campbell at or 352-857-4572.