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The Cutting Room: Your Home For Horse Show Beauty at WEC

That horse of yours makes some serious demands on your time. Feeding and daily cleaning take at least 35 minutes every day which is nothing compared to horse show days. So when is there time to take care of yourself? At the World Equestrian Center, the Cutting Room has your answer for horse show beauty.

First a look at all you do:

  • Feed and check your horse’s water twice a day: 10 minutes.
  • Take your horse out for pasture and muck its stall: 15 quick minutes.
  • Check your horse for illness or injuries: 5 minutes.
  • Clean your horse’s hooves: 5 minutes.

Roberts Arena Salon

You’re left with 1,405 minutes. Subtract time for sleep, eating and personal hygiene – your own: 705 minutes are left. Wait. There’s more. How about grooming your horse? Or training? Riding is important. And drive time. Those numbers start climbing down very quickly.

If you’re gainfully employed, your daily allotment of minutes shrinks even further. Soon you might just end up with a handful of dwindling minutes with nary enough left over to pamper and prepare yourself.

Alas. This is the life of a horse enthusiast. Or is it?

We at World Equestrian Center (WEC), the largest indoor equine facility in the United States, understand your passion for this animal. There’s just something unspeakably noble, grand and powerful about this four-legged mammal. It’s esoteric; it’s an experience that has to be felt to be understood. In fact, it’s more of a calling than anything else. It’s a connection.

When you bring your horse to WEC – for a show or for an event – we have you in mind as well.

That’s why we offer The Cutting Room, a horse show beauty facility and spa. This is the place for you. This is a full-service Aveda Salon that provides pedicures, manicures, full-body massages and services designed for your relaxation and comfort.

You don’t have to bring your horse either. And you don’t have to be attending a horse show.

We’re all about you. We’re all about filling those minutes of your day making you look and feel good.

WEC is a complete, full-service show facility, designed and operated by a family who owns and shows horses. Call us today for more information or to book a show!

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